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5 Tips for Learning English

Whether you are a foreign student or a native speaker, English skills can always be improved. There are many tried and true tips for learning English. These are five English tips that are often taught to the foreign language speakers coming into English. These tips not only help learn English, but they are also tips on improving English skills. [...]

Jum'at, 12 Desember 2014

How to Teach English – the 10 Most Helpful Pieces of Advice

If you have studied an ESL teaching course you were probably given a lot of advice on how to teach English by tutors, and by well-meaning friends, colleagues or strangers. Sometimes it's too much to take in so here is what I have found useful. The 10 most helpful "How to teach English" pieces of advice: 1. You don't need to stick to a lesson pla [...]

Jum'at, 12 Desember 2014

8 Important Reasons For Teaching Kindness in Schools

Most people have heard the phrase ‘random acts of kindness’, which refers to a selfless act of giving resulting in the happiness of another person. Terms like this are increasing in popularity around the world, as more people identify a deficiency in their lives that can only be fulfilled by altruism.    It seems we just can’t get enoug [...]

Jum'at, 12 Desember 2014

Apa Penyebab Anak Gagal dalam Belajar?

Kata kunci dari belajar dan mengajar adalah perubahan. Ya, perubahanlah yang menjadi ukuran apakah seorang anak sudah belajar dan seorang guru atau guru sudah mengajar. Maka setiap langkah guru menuju sekolah, menuju kelas, adalah langkah perubahan. Membimbing dan mengajarkan anak menjadi seseorang yang sukses merupakan dambaan bagi setiap ora [...]

Selasa, 18 November 2014



How to learn english well
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Pembagian Buku Gratis

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